Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Sweet Taste of Success

“You look glum, K’sretti.”
“People’s hearts are hard, Kurga.”
“Ah, have you been preaching to the choir again?  I keep telling you, Ch’voga, Portia Uhuru IS a religious town.  They don’t need what you’re selling because they already have it.” 
“Religion is trying to reach God by flapping one’s arms and calling it “flying.”
“That’s good!  Very pithy!  Don’t waste it here though, save it for the sinners across the sea.”
“Yes, yes, I know, we are all sinners, justly deserving the wrath of God!  One wonders why you cannot sell this message!  It is such a cheery pitch!”
“Oh lighten up K’sretti!  This is not a time to lament, it is time to celebrate!  In here, I believe they sell iced cream here.  Have you ever had iced cream?  Of course you haven’t.  You are in for a real treat!  You there!  Barkeep!  Do you sell iced cream?  What flavors?  Strawberry and Vanilla… no chocolate?  Pity.  We shall have both!”
“Kurga, what are you doing?  We have no money.”
“No, my glum philosopher, you do not have money, but those who seek Yahweh will not lack for any good thing!  And iced cream is a very good thing, my friend.”
“That is Psalm 34.”
“Is it?  There’s a psalm about iced cream??”
“No, the bit about not lacking.  Did your contact come through?  Are we financed?”
“Did I not say I would?  I did, and you are getting ready to succor the sweet taste of my success for yourself, that which Kurga Din Allorowro Vela D’Pomani D’Moro promises, comes to pass.”
“You will be able to pay the captain in advance then.  That is good.”
“She wants her fee in advance?  I thought you said she trusted you.”
“Trust, no.  Far from it.  I said, she owed me a favor for one I did her long ago.”
“What favor did you perform for her, save her soul, I suppose?”
“In a manner of speaking perhaps.  I didn’t marry her.  Mmm, you are right Kurga, your success is very good.”

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