Wednesday, September 6, 2017

32: Breaking loose

Discovery.  The meat animals entered the room where the Kinslayer hid.  A mature and a youngling, the mature went straight to the former youngling, the one the Kinslayer had drank.  

It shrieked.

Its wail tore something loose in the Kinslayer.  Something buried deep.  A memory.  A memory of a night, long ago.  Of a kin, no, not kin, not kin… a … person.  

More meat animals rushed into the room.  It was here!  The One-who-traded-corpses-for-food and another came in.  This was it!  The Kinslayer’s purpose!  One had succeeded in finding the One-who-traded-corpses!  Fear!  Panic!  Need!  One needed to act.  One was afraid.  One was unsure.  The meat animals were alarmed.  Unpredictable.  Likelly to attack as a clutch.  Success required control.  One preferred to wait.  To get the One-who-traded-corpses alone.  One remained in one’s hiding place.  

Then the Kinslayer heard it.  It was too late.

They had come.

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