Sunday, January 5, 2014

Little disappointments

Ch’Voga took advantage of a quiet moment alone with the catamaran skipper sitting at the wheel.  It was late afternoon, two days after leaving Prudence and the boat skidded in a lulling silence with a steady wind. “It is very kind of you to take us the rest of the way East, Captain Jacques.”
“Eh?” he blinked, “Oh.  Oui.  That would be very kind indeed. Absurde gracieux effet..  Only… I am not taking you East Messieurs.”
“Oui.  I am taking you and your compagnon as far as the Legion Outpost and then I am going back for Prudence.”
“Oh.  I see.”
“But I wish you all the best in all your holy endeavors, Messieurs,” he beamed and blessed Ch’Voga with the sign of the cross, “Allez avec Dieu!”
“Well.  That is very kind too.”  Ch’Voga watched the sand slide by for a moment.  “I suppose then I should thank you then for picking us up and taking us to the outpost.”
“Vous êtes les bienvenus.”
“How are they likely to treat us there?  Do you know?”
“Oh, ah, they are most likely to arrest you and then if you are very lucky, as I have wished for, they will only deport you home.”
“Oh.  I see.  And if they are less gracious than you and your wishes?”
“Ah, then they will most likely throw you in a hole and occasionally water you when they remember to.”  Again the beaming smile.
“Hm, a fitting end.”
“I’m sorry?”
“It was nothing.  Things have not turned out as I had hoped is all, Captain.”
“La vie est pleine de petites déceptions.” 

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